Alaska: 11 mile ski at -35F ?

COLD. I’ve never loved it more.

I recently skied into Tolovana Hot Springs in the interior of Alaska with a couple friends. It was my second time out there, along the 11-mile–sometimes packed by snow machine–trail that runs from one dome down into a valley, up and over a second dome before dropping into the edge of Tolovana River Valley where the hot springs are located.

The main difference between this trip and the last (3 yrs ago) was that this one we spent the entire trip well beneath 0 degrees on the Farenheit scale. This made it way more fun since severe cold is a reality that forces you to be a better, more thoughtful, controlled version of yourself in order to survive. The best is when you can not only survive it, but thrive in it.

What kind of cold are we talking about here? Well, nothing record-setting and a rather typical cold snap for mid-winter in interior Alaska. Most our time in the hot springs it was anywhere from -20 to -31F but when we first crossed the Tolovana Hot Springs Dome (notorious for cold temps and far worse–read windy–conditions than we saw) it was somewhere around -40, possibly as cold as -45F but this was counting wind chill and it was nighttime by then. Departing the springs after 3 nights in one of the cabins, we saw -35F ambient (aka, no wind) atop the dome. That was spicy cold. Daylight, no wind, -35F.

[I guess it would be unfair to leave out the second major difference with this trip. A recent windstorm had blown snow in strange, unpleasant formations across sections of the trail and, on the backside of the steep dome we had to ski down (2 miles in the dark), there were downed trees. The worst/most fun moment of the trip for me came when a chest-high tree appeared in my headlamp light as I barreled down the hill, pulk in tow. I was able to drop down, drag my butt on the ground and clear the tree before popping back up and snowplowing to a stop. Then cut I ran back up and cut the tree down before my companions could encounter it.]

Enough talk. I wanted to share a series of my favorite images from the trip–mainly the ones that best depict the feeling of cold. Can you feel it? This is a series I’m very interested in exploring a lot more in my life. Turns out I live in a good place for that. It’s also fun to try to keep your camera working at -40 in the dark. Scroll over images to see any caption information.


14 thoughts on “Alaska: 11 mile ski at -35F ?”

  1. This is one of my favorite series of images that you’ve done. Maybe in part because I know and love you guys, but also because the images are individually breathtaking yet are even better as part of the series. It really looks like a trip for the bucket list, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this series and first saw the pic at the top with Ryan Kingsberry on! I instantly thought – this is totally a Natty-pic (although I did not know for sure yet). And here it is! HAH! Love it! What a fabulous trip that looked like and I think my fave pic is of the woman up close with frozen eyelashes and eyebrows and hair – AWESOME! Love ya Bud!

  3. I love the close up of Kyra with the frosted tips…I was actually there this winter for a night. By chance were you guys the ones who had trouble with starting your car?

  4. A couple days before this New Year? Then yes, that was us! Was that your group that rolled the snow machine and had to abort the trip?
    (To be sure, we had our own heating system for getting the car warm to start but your group offered a much quicker, more efficient option which we greatly appreciated!)

  5. I’ve been showing these around the office in Netherlands, they’re a huge hit! These photos and the people in them make me want to move back to Alaska! :-D

  6. urgh… it’s February – I’m sleeping under a down comforter and it’s only in the mid 60′s on Kaua’i!

    The kind of cold in your post is unfathomable to me — moreso is how people can enjoy it :-P

    BUT these photos are incredible and I really appreciate being able to enjoy the *humour* of such cold without having to endure the pain of it ;-)

    thanks for sharing your art!

  7. SO AMAZING! this makes me miss Alaska so bad. i’m a friend of Kyra’s. seen some of your stuff on Facebook before. totally rad.

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